Davidson Lands Conservancy (DLC) and Catawba Lands Conservancy partnered  with Community School of Davidson sophomores and seniors for a morning of service on Friday, November 19, 2021. Over 20 students and staff gathered at the Nature Observatory behind Davidson K8 School to improve the nature area, known as the Nature Observatory, behind the school.  This effort was part of the CSD in-service day.

Senior Aiden Redman enthusiastically explained that CSD high school students engage in meaningful service projects several times each school year to really make a difference.  “Students enjoy making a positive impact while learning outside of the classroom”, Aiden added.

In the case of the Nature Observatory project, students mulched trails, repaired bridges, and cleared an area of brush and debris for a second outdoor classroom space. Sophomore Anna Teckenbrock described the experience as extra meaningful due to her independent study on pollution and waterways, saying “it felt good to help protect a local waterway to keep it healthy and provide a place for people to learn about stream ecology”. Students had the opportunity to learn basic carpentry skills, as well as how to wield a sledge hammer — outdoor learning at its most fun!

This project remains a focus for DLC as a critical way to preserve a local wildlife habitat and create a community gathering spot for conservation education. Many thanks to the enthusiastic students and staff of Community School of Davidson and Catawba Lands Conservancy for their support of this project!