In January, the Davidson Lands Conservancy permanently conserved an extraordinary land parcel of more than 100 acres. This conservation project, 3+ years in the making, resulted from a generous contribution of a conservation easement by an owner with deep rooted connections to land and a love or nature.
A conservation easement permanently restricts development of the land while allowing the owner to continue to own and enjoy their property. The donor in this case, a family seeking privacy, requested confidentiality regarding the location of the property and the family’s identity.
The property is rich in conservation values and its permanent restriction from development protects wildlife habitat, streams and the watershed, agricultural land, and tree canopy, forever. Conservation of this land is extra special not only because of the land’s extraordinary natural features but also because of the legacy of its ownership – the land was purchased over 100 years ago by the donor’s grandfather.
“This conservation project is a legacy gift to the community made possible by an extraordinarily generous land owner. The Conservancy was well equipped to help the owner achieve the dream of conserving the property for all time”, said Ed Harris, chair of the Conservancy’s Land Acquisition Committee.
Land conservation and stewardship lie at the heart of DLC’s mission. The challenges of land conservation are great given the high prices of land and rapid land consumption in our area. This project dramatically advances land conservation for the community.