WOW at Davidson Farmers’ Market

Celebrating Earth Day and Our April 29 Stargazing Event

Earth seems pretty big to us, but have you considered Earth’s size in relation to other planets? How about the size of a peppercorn? How about Jupiter being the size of a chestnut? Come to our booth this Saturday where we’ll have Ken Randall, a local astronomer, with a great kids’ activity, “The Earth as a Peppercorn,” and we hope, answers to your questions about stars, planets and more. Also, be sure to put our April 29 Stargazing event on your calendar .

If you’d like to volunteer or share your expertise about the wonders of nature with our visitors, please email us at Individuals, school groups and others are all welcome to be part of WOW at the Davidson Farmers’ Market. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Be sure to enjoy other special Earth Day festivities, along with the Market’s music, food and fun too! Market hours are 8am to noon.