WOW- It’s Fall!

According to an article in today’s Charlotte Observer the Autumnal Equinox occurs today at 4:44 pm Eastern Daylight time.  So we should begin to notice the changes in weather and the changes in nature around us.  Today’s blue sky and slightly cooler weather promise the beautiful days that I look forward to in the fall.

At higher elevations- in the NC mountains- you may see leaves beginning to change color but here in the Piedmont we can expect those changes to be a few weeks away.  But there is color around us.  The beautiful yellow of sunflowers, golden rods and other flowers that we expect in this season are a sight to behold.

We should expect to see some changes in the birds around us.  Some are passing through on their way to the tropics where they spend the winter.  Others are full time local residents.  I saw a pair of Northern Mockingbirds on a porch rail.  They were obviously having a “stand off” about territory.  Yes, Mockingbirds establish their territory now for the winter months and the spring breeding season.  Other birds will be arriving from the north to spend their winter here.  One I always look forward to seeing and hearing is the White-throated Sparrows.  They spend summer in Canada or the far North of the US and then come here for the winter.

Another thing I ususally notice this time of year is the sound of insects.  The loud drones of Cicadas are about spent for the year.  Fall is a time of the more gentle sound of crickets singing.

So, if you spend time outdoors on one of the lovely fall days notice what has changed.  Notice what says “It’s Fall” to you.  Enjoy!