Eastern Gray Squirrel

Meet the Eastern Gray Squirrel

When you think of a common mammal you might see in your yard, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  For me that would be the Squirrel – or more precisely the Eastern Gray Squirrel. This creature is the North Carolina State Mammal. It’s hard to imagine a day going by without seeing one […]

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Meet the Coyote

Coyotes are members of the canine or dog family. They are related to wolves, foxes, and your pet dog, but they are distinct. Coyotes are primarily carnivores (meat-eaters), but when they are hungry, they eat fruit, vegetables, and just about anything they can find. They are smaller than gray wolves and red wolves but larger […]

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Ants Ants Revolution

Ants are everywhere. In fact, if you took the total mass of all the ants on Earth, it would far exceed the total mass of all the people. But not all ants are created equal. While black ants and carpenter ants are common anywhere and normally inoffensive, there is one kind of ant that is […]

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Fire and Lightning

Firefly. Lightning bug. Call them whatever name you want, these insects (actually a type of beetle, but then again, who’s counting?) are an indispensable part of summer across the United States. Children make games of catching them, and for adults, nothing sets the mood for a romantic outdoor dinner like a swarm of glowing fireflies. […]

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Going Batty

Which mammals do you see most often in your neighborhood? Probably squirrels, maybe deer if you’re lucky. But the diversity of mammals in Davidson is much greater than that. In fact, some of the most abundant of all mammals remain hidden from view simply because they come out at night. I am talking, of course, […]

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Share Your Garden with Wildlife

Share Your Garden With Wildlife

What do you think of when you think of a garden? Perhaps a neat, orderly arrangement of flowers, or maybe rows and rows of fruits and vegetables? Whatever you think of, you probably don’t think of it as a wildlife habitat first and foremost. Of course, that doesn’t need to be the case. After all, […]

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