When you decide to support Davidson Lands Conservancy, consider gifting stocks or securities. Do you have investments that have appreciated greatly since you made them? Are you enjoying a surge in the value of one of your holdings that is throwing your portfolio out of balance? When you donate stocks or securities to Davidson Lands Conservancy, you generally take a tax deduction for the full fair market value.

Gifts from the IRA can be a great way to conserve land in and around Davidson and help with educational programs. By giving directly from your IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution, you can reduce your tax burden, and know you are contributing significantly to local conservation. Individuals age 70.5 and older can donate any amount up to $100,000 directly to Davidson Lands Conservancy from their IRAs without the gift being treated as taxable income, and the gift can be used as your Required Minimum Distribution.

DLC Cash and Stock Giving Instructions

And neither you nor Davidson Lands Conservancy owes capital-gains taxes.

That’s a win for you, a win for Davidson Lands Conservancy, and a win for the environmental causes you hold dear.

When choosing an IRA gift to DLC, there is a critical detail to keep in mind. your plan administrator must issue the check directly to Davidson Lands Conservancy, payable to the organization.

As always. consult your tax advisor and plan administrator for all gift decisions and procedures, It will be important to inform you tax advisory of any gift directly from an IRA.

Making your stock gift is easy! Just contact us. We will give you all the details, and you can make another excellent investment: this time, in protecting the natural environments in your community.