Volunteers are at the heart of Davidson Lands Conservancy’s efforts. Whether you love teaching, writing, hiking, planting, or organizing, we need you! Are you a teen looking for community service opportunities? We have what you are looking for. Volunteer with Davidson Lands Conservancy today. Together we can protect local lands and natural resources, connect lives to nature, and promote a conservation ethic.

These are the areas where YOU can make a difference:

CITIZEN SCIENCE – Engage in the systematic collection of observations, photographs, and data from the natural world. This program is currently a pilot focused on the West Branch Rocky River in Fisher Farm and Abersham.  The longer-term vision is to expand the program to include other geographies.  Requires mobility and light fieldwork.

INVASIVE PLANT MANAGEMENT – Removal and management of invasive plants, while never-ending, is vital to increasing the biodiversity of our forests.  Volunteers learn to identify invasive plants and methods for removing them.  The current focus areas are Fisher Farm, the K-8 Nature area, and Beaty Park. Requires mobility, strength, and intensive fieldwork. Note: volunteers are near carefully applied herbicide, a necessary component of invasive plant control. Good opportunity for groups and team building.

RUN FOR GREEN – Plan, prepare, execute, and break down this major community event.  Tasks are wide-ranging and include runner check-in, event set up, course monitoring, water stations, and clean up.  Can work alone or in groups.

TRAIL MAINTENANCE – Closing rogue trails, enhancing existing trails, and building new ones with a current focus on Fisher Farm.  Volunteers will learn about trail maintenance and establishment from knowledgeable leaders. Requires strength, mobility, and extensive fieldwork.  Excellent opportunity for team building.

TREE PLANTING – Learn proper tree planting techniques, tree care, and the importance of trees to our community as revealed by trained TreeMasters. Volunteers work in groups of 2 to 4 to plant trees usually at community tree planting events.  Tree stewardship opportunities are also available for the care of trees we plant.  Great team building and always fun.

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