DLC gives each of us unique opportunities to make a permanent, high-impact difference in our community. When we conserve land, as we do strategically, we create a gift to nature and our community for all time. The same can be said for greenways – they are assets that enhance quality of life for generations. And when we plant a tree or restore a habitat, we keep our community healthy, attractive and more sustainable.  
Built on our 4 pillars or programs (conservation, greenways, urban forestry, and wildlife habitat), DLC’s efforts provide the critical balance to rapid growth and retain our sense of place and community. 
In 2022, on the heels of a deep strategic review, the DLC Board launched the Now & Forever Campaign to provide capital to meet our goals and sustain our efforts. We need your help in meeting the campaign’s goal of $1,750,000.  
DLC’s work is capital intensive, and we are grateful for each and every donation – and are committed to making sure your gifts provide durable and high-impact dividends to the community and to nature. 
Thank you for considering a gift to DLC, including a gift made directly from your retirement account or a gift of appreciated stock. It’s easy to make a big, lasting impact! 

There are several additional ways to donate to DLC. Learn more about each of them below:

We welcome a gift of any size, and we hope you’ll consider giving a recurring gift. Recurring gifts sustain Davidson Lands Conservancy and give us the much-appreciated gift of predictable income as we plan each year’s conservation and education programs. To make your gift a recurring one, just click on the “Donation Frequency” field below, and let us know how often you would like to give. We’ll automatically charge you annually, quarterly, or monthly, and your giving continues automatically (until you tell us to stop!)


All gifts through 2025 will support the Now & Forever campaign, advancing and sustaining our mission’s Four Pillars of Conservation: Land Conservation, Greenways & Trails, Urban Forestry, and Wildlife Habitat.

If you have any issues submitting your donation, please contact us at 704-892-1910. Thank you for supporting DLC!