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American Elm

TREES OF BEATY PARK American Elm (Ulmus americana) NAME: COMMON – American Elm BOTANICAL – Ulmus americana FAMILY - Ulmaceae DERIVATION: The American Elm is native to North America. Before the 20th century, American Elms were abundant in city streets and forests

American Sycamore

TREES OF BEATY PARK American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) NAME: COMMON – American Sycamore (also known as American Plane Tree, Buttonball Tree) BOTANICAL – Platanus occidentalis FAMILY - Platanaceae (also listed as Acanthaceae) DERIVATION: Native to the eastern United States, the mountains

Black Gum

TREES OF BEATY PARK Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica) NAME: COMMON – Black Gum BOTANICAL – Nyssa sylvatica FAMILY - Nyssaceae DERIVATION: Native to eastern North America, coastal northeast, south to central Florida and Mexico GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS: Mature size of 40 to

Chalkbark Maple

TREES OF BEATY PARK Chalkbark Maple (Acer saccharum subsp. leucoderme) NAME: COMMON – Chalkbark Maple BOTANICAL – Acer saccharum subsp. leucoderme FAMILY - Aceraceae (also listed as Sapindaceae) DERIVATION: Native to the eastern deciduous forest (Piedmont to Florida and west to Texas)

Cherry Laurel

TREES OF BEATY PARK Cherry Laurel (Prunus caroliniana) NAME: COMMON – Cherry Laurel BOTANICAL – Prunus caroliniana FAMILY - Rosaceae DERIVATION: Native from coastal Virginia to northern Florida to Louisiana GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS: Evergreen small rounded tree approximately 20’ wide and 30’ tall

Flowering Dogwood

TREES OF BEATY PARK Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida) NAME: COMMON – Flowering Dogwood BOTANICAL – Cornus florida FAMILY - Cornaceae DERIVATION: Native to the Eastern United States GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS: Mature height ranges from 20 to 25 feet in the sun and up

Eastern Red Cedar

TREES OF BEATY PARK Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus chinensis) NAME: COMMON – Eastern Red Cedar BOTANICAL – Juniperus chinensis FAMILY - Cupressaceae DERIVATION: An evergreen tree that is naturalized to North America growing from Maine south to Florida and west to South

Loblolly Pine

TREES OF BEATY PARK Lobloly Pine (Pinus taeda) NAME: COMMON – Loblolly Pine BOTANICAL – Pinus taeda FAMILY - Pinaceae DERIVATION: The name "loblolly" comes from a slang word used by English seamen for the lumpy gruel they were served at sea.


TREES OF BEATY PARK Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) NAME: COMMON – Mimosa BOTANICAL – Albizia julibrissin FAMILY - Fabaceae DERIVATION: Iran to China (Introduced 1745) GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS: Typically reaches 20’ to 30’ width and height and is often spreading or multi-stemmed.  Fine bipinnate

Red Maple

TREES OF BEATY PARK Red Maple (Acer rubrum) NAME: COMMON – Red Maple BOTANICAL – Acer rubrum FAMILY - Aceraceae (also listed as Sapindaceae)  DERIVATION: Native to the eastern deciduous forest (Maine to Florida and west to Texas)  GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS: Growth rate

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