Your Lands Conservancy has been on a six-month journey of self-reflection and analysis to answer a key question: How do we maximize our impact? We’ve explored the history of our programs and their impacts, as well as those of other land trusts in the region. Local sources, including findings from the Town’s recently completed Comprehensive Plan, were considered. Most importantly, we listened to the community via deep interviews. The journey will continue, but clarity on our role has emerged: A conservation platform built on Four Pillars.

Natural lands are vital to our health, quality of life, and ecosystems.

Conserve & Steward Land

The core mission of DLC is permanent land conservation and proper stewardship of land, as the high rate of land development threatens our sense of place and natural resources.

Why it Matters

  • To protect natural lands, which are vital to our health, quality of life, and ecosystems.
  • To conserve land to protect water quality; provide open spaces, wildlife habitat, and tree canopy; mitigate climate change; and secure our sense of community.

Preserve & Enhance Tree Canopy

Our region is rapidly losing trees as they age out and development increases.
TreesDavidson, a science-based DLC program, partners with the community to teach how to plant, care for, and value trees, and expands our canopy through volunteer, community tree-planting.

Why it Matters

  • To preserve the urban forest for the health of wildlife, ecosystems, and human beings.
  • To cool the streets, parking lots, and buildings; increase air and water quality; encourage richer wildlife.
  • To provide natural beauty and preserve quality of life.

Expand Greenways & Trails

Greenways and trails are highly valued for recreation, exercise, and to connect with nature. DLC works with landowners to expand trails and trail connectivity.

Why it Matters

  • To enhance public and mental health and increase property values in adjacent neighborhoods.
  • To offer a safe route to key destinations around our area.

Preserve Wildlife Corridors

Scattered throughout the community and loaded with wildlife, these corridors are typically wooded and located along small streams. This science-based program identifies, inventories, maps, and educates about key wildlife corridors in Davidson.

Why it Matters

  • To enrich the wildlife habitat; increase biodiversity; improve water quality.
  • To educate residents and landowners about these corridors; raise awareness about their value and share land management practices that enhance the wildlife habitat.