On March 26, the Conservancy partnered with Davidson College’s outing club, Davidson Outdoors, to organize an informational bird walk at Fisher Farm. Town residents, college students, and members from each organization were joined by former DLC President and local naturalist Rob Van Epps as well as Davidson College Professor of Biology Mark Stanback. In addition to learning about the Conservancy’s stewardship efforts of this 200-acre property, our group of approximately 15 individuals learned about native bird species including the chickadee, tree swallow, and red-bellied woodpecker as well as migratory species such as the sapsucker and the star-eyed junco. As one of DLC’s first events co-sponsored by Davidson Outdoors, we were pleased to have such favorable attendance allowing for both intimate discussion and engagement from all participants. We look forward to continuing this partnership with D.O. and the rest of the student body at Davidson College for years to come.