One of our tiniest birds, the Brown-headed Nuthatch, begins building its nest early in February.  If you have never seen one you may have heard the “squeaky toy” sound that they make.  This  video shows good images of the bird and the cute sound it makes.

These birds have been on the decline because of habitat loss but NC Audubon has been erecting nest boxes that are designed to attract them.  You may have one of these in your yard.  Now is the time to begin watching to see if you have a nesting pair.

The previous year’s nestlings may stick around and help raise the next generation.  You’ll often see several birds bringing food to the nest after the young are hatched. A family affair. Also, this bird uses tools!  The Brown-headed Nuthatch can use a piece of bark to pry away flakes of bark and find insects hiding there. Keep your eyes and ears open for the Brown-headed Nuthatch!