WOW Thanks: Allen Lloyd

For WOW’s Market Booth, October 27

How wonderful to have Allen Lloyd and his beautiful turtles back at our WOW booth! Many thanks to Allen and to his daughter Abby who made sure all of our WOW visitors had a chance to enjoy seeing and learning about these beautiful animals. On hand, we had three native turtles: North Carolina Spotted, box and North American Wood. As well, we had special visitors from Tuscany, in Italy: Western Hermann turtles. Allen’s mission is to promote education, awareness and conservation of turtle species throughout North Carolina. WOW hopes you not only enjoyed visiting with Abby, Allen and his turtles, but you also learned how special and endangered turtles are. WOW also appreciates Allen’s and Abby’s help with the spotted turtle rocks many of our smaller visitors made. Thank you!

If you’d like to learn more about turtles, go to Instagram @turtletalknc ( or email Allen at [email protected].

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