World of Wonder (or WOW) events connect families with nature. WOW is a collaborative initiative of Davidson Lands Conservancy and Woodland Discovery.

Education and Outreach

Education Volunteer Join our World of Wonder, a family-focused environmental education program, to help us design hands-on activities at the Davidson Farmer's Market booth and create nature-based outings for children and their families. Please click here to volunteer. Outreach Committee Volunteer Join us to work on environmental projects such as Bee City, milkweed pastures


Hummingbirds love this native vine. If you enjoy watching hummingbirds at your feeder in the summer it’s not too soon to put the feeders out.  There have been some reported sightings of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds in North Carolina already. It’s best to use nectar you prepare rather than using the kind with

Spotted Salamanders and More!

WOW Thanks: Allen Lloyd For “In Search of the Spotted Salamander” Spotted and dusky salamanders were found and admired last Sunday, February 24. Other animals made our acquaintance, including a number of frogs and a very friendly box turtle. Inspections were made of the local beaver’s handiwork: a very busy one, we all agreed!

Brown-headed Nuthatch!

One of our tiniest birds, the Brown-headed Nuthatch, begins building its nest early in February.  If you have never seen one you may have heard the “squeaky toy” sound that they make.  This  video shows good images of the bird and the cute sound it makes. These birds have been on the decline

Lunar Eclipse of January 2019!

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon and the earth’s shadow totally blocks the sun’s light from the moon. Sometimes we see a partial eclipse of the moon if the shadow doesn’t perfectly line up with the moon, but a total Lunar Eclipse will be visible on

Turtles galore!

WOW Thanks: Allen Lloyd For WOW’s Market Booth, October 27 How wonderful to have Allen Lloyd and his beautiful turtles back at our WOW booth! Many thanks to Allen and to his daughter Abby who made sure all of our WOW visitors had a chance to enjoy seeing and learning about these beautiful animals.

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