#004 Eastern Cottonwood
(Populus deltoides)

There is no information on the specific origins of this cottonwood at this time. The actual species of this tree was however a common debate topic between Dave Cable and the late Pat Peroni, a Davidson College professor. It is named in memory of her– now called the “Pat Peroni Tree”

Statistics (2020)

  • Circumference (In.): 162″
  • Height (Ft.): 107′
  • Avg. Crown Spread (Ft.): 102′
  • Diameter Breast Height (in.): 51.6″
  • Total Points: 295

More Information

  • Year Recognized: 2020
  • Current condition: Good
  • Property Type: Greenway
  • Ecological Value: Eastern Cottonwoods produce small seedlings which are favorites for deer and rabbits.