#041 Loblolly Pine
(Pinus Taeda)

This is the largest Loblolly in Davidson Street Tree Inventory, tree #1479.

Statistics (2022)

  • Circumference (In.): 86″
  • Height (Ft.): 120′
  • Avg. Crown Spread (Ft.): 40′
  • Diameter Breast Height (In.): 27″
  • Total Points: 216

More Information

  • Year Recognized: 2021
  • Current condition: Good
  • Property Type: Private
  • Ecological Value: Loblolly Pine is an evergreen gymnosperm tree that may grow 60 to 90 feet tall. It is loosely pyramidal in youth and develops a dense oval crown at maturity as it loses its lower branches. The straight trunk can grow 2-3 feet thick. The tree has 5- to 8-inch slender needles in clusters of 3, rarely 2 or 4. As the tree ages, the bark thickens forming irregular, flaky plates that reveal a dark chocolate color when removed. In spring, red to yellow male flowers and yellow to purple female flowers mature in clusters. It has the most rapid growth rate of all pines. This is an important timber tree whose wood is used for pulp, plywood, and general construction.  Its wood value and rapid growth lend its use towards forest management.