#037 American Linden
(Tilia americana)

Tree #696 in the Davidson Street Tree Inventory.

Statistics (2022)

  • Circumference (In.): 197″
  • Height (Ft.): 65′
  • Avg. Crown Spread (Ft.): 36′
  • Diameter Breast Height (In.): 31″
  • Total Points: 271

More Information

  • Year Recognized: 2021
  • Current condition: Good
  • Property Type: Private
  • Ecological Value: American linden is a useful shade tree in the Malvaceae (mallow) family that is found in all areas of North Carolina, but especially in the mountains where it is a common and valuable timber tree. As an amazing wildlife tree, it attracts lightning bugs and is a larval plant for red-spotted purple and mourning cloak butterflies. Its flowers are so attractive to honeybees you may hear the tree buzzing from several feet away. The nectar makes an excellent tasting honey. Its seeds are eaten by birds and squirrels. Bees and other pollinating insects enjoy the nectar from the flowers.