Many of you are probably already aware that clearing has begun for the new WestBranch neighborhood in Davidson. The initial impact of this clearing on the Randy Kincaid Greenway between Hudson Place and Robert Walker Drive was a surprise to many. Subsequently, last weekend, walkers, runners and cyclists on the greenway encountered the results of the large storm that moved through town bringing three inches of heavy rain and significant wind. Indeed, on Saturday morning DLC President John Burke was at The Davidson Farmers’ Market promoting Run for Green and was met with many questions from people who had encountered the mess on the Greenway. The picture at the top is of the greenway today, September 6, 2017.

The pictures in the gallery below show the status of the Greenway today after mud escaped the silt fence and trees came down in the storm. Many people shared their own frustrations and pictures on Facebook, as well as privately with the DLC. While DLC has no regulatory authority over this development parcel or Greenway, we have reached out to the developer to make sure the area is properly cleaned up after last week’s storm, and that preventative measures are put in place to help mitigate any effects of incoming Hurricane Irma.

John Burke has been in communication with Lennar, the developer of WestBranch. On Tuesday Sept. 6 the following email message was received from Griffin Query with Lennar:

All fallen trees have been removed from the greenway as well as the excess sediment from the storm.  We have also stabilized all areas along the greenway shoulders that were disturbed. 

We are in the process of installing additional erosion control measures onsite to help prevent any future issues.  These measures include the following:

  • Adding additional diversion ditches along the perimeter to control water and direct it to sediment traps, sediment basins and discharge points.
  • Adding additional silt fence to help block the sedimentation of any material that may get washed out during a storm.
  • Adding additional seed/straw stabilization along the perimeter, slopes and diversions. 

In addition, there are plans to pressure wash the Greenway.

DLC staff and event planners are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Irma, and at least currently, it looks like it will downgrade significantly before reaching North Carolina, and be through and out before our Run for Green event. We will keep in contact with the developer in the coming week as we keep an eye on that particular portion of the Greenway and race route. We also have a great team of volunteers in place for any contingencies associated with what the hurricane might bring. A special thanks to all the folks who have been working so hard on this, and it is not too late to run or sign up to volunteer!