Davidson has lost a beloved member of its family. June Kimmel was not only a great friend to many, but she was a passionate volunteer for many local organizations. We knew her particularly as part of Davidson Lands Conservancy. As a volunteer, board member, and President, she was a big part of DLC from its earliest years. In particular, I am grateful to June for her hours of help following Roy Alexander’s passing. That was a difficult time of transition for DLC, and June’s wise assistance was invaluable. I appreciated her great humor and her good advice. My wife, Erin, recalls June and I meeting, by chance, more than once, at the Farmer’s Market. There, we spent long moments in the middle of its stalls and busy shoppers talking policy and strategy. As well, her presence at the Past Presidents Advisory Council meetings was important to our understanding of DLC’s history and planning for its future. She was a fervent supporter of DLC’s mission and a valued friend and partner of all DLC volunteers, past and present. DLC and Davidson are very grateful for all she contributed. Thank you, June.

John Burke


Davidson Lands Conservancy