On Friday morning, January 20,  the partnership teams of Davidson Lands Conservancy (DLC) and sister agency Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC) gathered to host 25 high schoolers from the Community School of Davidson (CSD) for conservation fun and learning.

The students began the morning by sharing and explaining class conservation projects, presenting posters sharing their knowledge of and passion for conservation, including the benefits of urban trees and the importance of biodiversity and native plants. Over the last six months, these students learned conservation through tree plantings, invasive plant removal, and group discussions about urban forestry, land conservation, and community volunteering.

Following their presentations, the students broke into groups of four to work with TreesDavidson TreeMasters and CLC staff partners to plant those 15-gallon containerized trees along the greenway located just behind Plum Creek Park and along the South Prong. Mud, smiles, sharing, learning, and hard work filled the morning experiences.

Planted trees include pin and willow oak, river birch, redbud, and arborvitae. This project, like all DLC’s TreesDavidson events, was made possible by strong support from the Town of Davidson.

“Our students truly enjoy helping out and being involved,” said CSD English teacher Susan Ban, “and clearly these events are a triple win for the students—they learn conservation principles, have fun outdoors, and gain the satisfaction of making a real difference in the community.”

The DLC and CLC partnership with CSD brings students together six times a year for various conservation initiatives, including invasive plant removal, tree planting, trail repair work, and stewarding trees. These projects, like nearly everything DLC does, involve community partners and build productive collaborations.