Trees play a critical role in the beauty, health, and wellbeing of Davidson. Because every mature tree we lose takes years to replace, DLC’s TreesDavidson program works today to assure the health of our tree canopy for future generations.

A collaborative program led by DLC and with support from the Town of Davidson, the Livability Board, Davidson College, and the community, TreesDavidson:

  • works to assure the health of our tree canopy for today and for future generations;
  • educates the community about tree care; and
  • engages residents in volunteer tree planting events across Davidson.

Trees define our sense of place in Davidson—key to the beauty and character of the town and the college—but they also clean the air by filtering particulates, reduce stormwater run-off that carries pollutants like pesticides and fertilizers to streams, and cool our streets and homes to reduce energy use.

Enhanced Street Tree Program
Located in the public road right-of-way and generally planted between the curb and the sidewalk, street trees shade your walks and errands every day. In 2019, Bartlett Tree Experts updated our inventory, listing 1,750 street trees in the village area. With a grant awarded to the Town of Davidson by the North Carolina Forestry Service, Bartlett will be working to expand that inventory in other areas of town. You can find the current street-tree inventory at

New and Improved Tree Ordinance
A recent overhaul of the Town tree ordinance strengthens tree-saving and planting requirements for real estate developments and widens required planting strips to accommodate larger trees. The enhancements expand the canopy and preserve the forest, recognizing the vital role of a town arborist as educator and facilitator of the ordinance. Look for the new ordinance on the Town website.

Community Engagement, Education, and Tree Planting
Building on the 500-plus trees planted so far, and with a generous gift from Davidson’s Garden Club, TreesDavidson is planning several community tree planting events this fall and spring. Event locations include Fisher Farm, Abersham, the Bailey Springs affordable-housing sidewalk project, Davidson Rotary’s Jackson Street project, and reforestation behind the Davidson K-8 School.

You Can Help

Want to help plant trees this fall? Planting trees is fun for families and all ages. Check for community tree planting events in October and November. We are also recruiting and training “TreeMasters” to help lead and manage community events. Stay in touch with all TreeDavidson activities at