In a momentous event that underscores the commitment to protecting and recognizing Davidson’s tree canopy, the Davidson Lands Conservancy’s Executive Director, Dave Cable, proudly presented certificates and tree signs to the Pines Nature Organization (PNO) for three newly awarded Treasure Trees. The event, held at The Pines, highlighted DLC’s efforts to recognize the town’s special urban canopy in the face of rapid development and growth. One facet of these efforts, the Davidson Treasure Tree program, pays tribute to some of Davidson’s oldest, largest, rarest, and culturally significant trees.

The three new Treasure Trees, symbolizing the resilience and beauty of Davidson’s urban canopy, were awarded to the PNO’s leader Barb Swicegood. The dedicated members of the PNO group’s “Tree Team”, along with The Pines staff, have demonstrated exemplary dedication to the preservation and expansion of green spaces within its campus. In 2022, The Pines was recognized as an accredited arboretum by ArbNet, the only international program of accreditation specific to arboreta.

  • Empress Tree – #96
    • The only Empress Tree in inventory
    • The Pines Arboretum Tree #33
    • Height 40′; DBH 16″, Avg Spread 16′
    • Total Score 94
  • American Holly – #97
    • Only one of two American Holly trees in inventory
    • The Pines Arboretum Tree #34
    • Height 40′; DBH 12″, Avg Spread 12′
    • Total Score 87
  • Japanese Cedar – #98
    • The only Japanese Cedar in inventory
    • The Pines Arboretum Tree #16
    • Height 40′; DBH 17″, Avg Spread 15′
    • Total Score 97

Davidson’s Treasure Tree program identifies, catalogs, and describes our community’s most notable trees and their stories. The program is made possible by generous support from Trane Technologies, an outstanding conservation partner for DLC.

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