Beaty Park lies at the intersection of North Main Street and Beaty Street at the north end of Davidson Village. This 20 acre park and nature preserve is owned by the Town of Davidson and permanently protected by a conservation easement held by Davidson Lands Conservancy.
The location of the Park is unique for Davidson given its close proximity to West Davidson residence, the Village area and the College. The walkability to the site will be enhanced with the planned sidewalk improvements along Beaty Street.
The Park, currently undeveloped land with a pond, is in the advanced stages of planning the park features. The effort builds on concepts and initial ideas developed by a rich community engagement process several years ago by the Beaty Park Task Force. Construction is now scheduled for late fall 2021 or early in 2022.
Current planning involves a robust collaboration among the Town’s Livability Board, Davidson Lands Conservancy, the Davidson Garden Club, and the Dodd Studio (planning consultant).
The Garden Club formed seven planning committees for this project which are actively
addressing key park elements. Plant material committees have provided lists of native and pollinating plants for sun, shade, and water. Focus groups created ideas for children’s play areas, public education about sustainable plants, pollinating garden display, labeling, and promotion. “The Davidson Garden Club is happy to contribute to creating a beautiful and educational garden for the community to experience and enjoy”, said Liz Harris, Davidson Garden Club leader.
The collaborative partners bring a diversity of ideas, thoughts and experiences that are creating an exciting design for this community park.