Much thanks to Professor Kristen Thompson of Davidson College and Professor Grant Thompson of Wingate University for their preparation and leading this enjoyable and educational event for WOW World of Wonder.   The activities included making name rockets with sticky foam cut outs.  For the second activity each child made asteroid imprints with marbles on a clay disc moon, and topped off their creation with a flag.  During the activities, we watched the original CBS news broadcast of the landing as it happened.
Following a brief snack complete with Apollo 11 commemorative Oreos, Moon Pies and Starburst candies, Kristen presented an interactive discussion of little known facts of the Apollo 11 landing and broadcast.
Next we ventured outside where Grant had set the telescope to view the moon and then Jupiter and 4 of her moons.  We were very fortunate the skies were clear for viewing.  The families, both children and parents, truly enjoyed the evening, and all learned something new.  It was a terrific event, and again, much thanks and gratitude to Kristen and Grant for making it happen, and to our teen volunteers from the Lake Norman YMCA Leaders Club: Patrick, Caroline, Daisy, Josie and Allie.  Watch for updates on Star Day at Davidson College in October.

Presentation on Apollo 11 and craftCraters on the moon craftChild with star craft