A rising senior, Ethan Landen, a biology major at Davidson College and Bonner Scholar was an office intern with us this past semester.  Ethan is a talented nature lover with a keen interest in ecology and the natural world.  He accepted our offer to him to serve this summer as our Roy Alexander Intern.  The pre-COVID plan called for Ethan to engage in a deep study of the Lady Slipper orchid on a conserved property.

Ethan is now focused on science-based research about the importance and benefits of land conservation in the Piedmont. According to Landen, “My experience with DLC has enabled me to work within my passion for conservation biology and try to make a difference in the Davidson community, which is why I am so excited to continue working with DLC this summer even in a remote capacity. Hopefully, the results of my summer research will provide a coherent and compelling case for the virtues of land conservation”.  Ethan research will conclude with a paper suitable for publication but also written for general public consumption.

Over the years, DLC has been fortunate to have many bright and innovative interns from Davidson College and this year promises another exciting partnership!